About Me

     Born in Tallahassee, FL, raised in Tampa Bay, Fl, went to middle school in Daytona Beach, FL, went to high school in Bellflower, CA, went to college in Tuscaloosa, AL, lived in Champaign, IL, Bowling Green, KY, and now Charleston, SC. After that, I'm not too sure where I'm going next. I've always enjoyed drawing and have been a big fan of animation for as long as I could remember. Dreaming one day I'll be able to see my name in the credits of the next big animated film or video game. I've put my all into everything I create so that I can watch the reacts of all those who view it and find joy in it. So when opportunity calls I will be ready, with a pencil in hand, to create something that will bring joy to millions. 

Education and Experiences

BA - Digital Media Art

University of Alabama

August 2016 - December 2020

MFA - Digital Production Arts

Clemson University 

August 2021 - Present

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